yari drumming


Collective effervescence: the [drumming] induced passion or ecstasy that cements social bonds ~ French sociologist Emile Durkheim

Rhythm is everywhere: within you and all around you. Everyone has rhythm because everyone has a heartbeat.

Drum circles are a guided jam session, a safe place to express the rhythm within you.

Come experience the “collective effervescence” of getting your groove on in a spirited rhythm community. You will be guided in a successful, fun and joyful group drumming journey by an inspirational, professional facilitator.

Participating in active musical creation and expression is alchemy: it transforms all who join! Studies have shown drumming positively impacts our immune systems, reduces student drop out rates, reduces stress, increases workplace wellness, creates bonds and connections, and helps rehabilitate at risk adolescents. I look forward to drumming with you.

Seasoned drummer Yari Mander, a credentialed teacher, trained in drum circle facilitation with drum circle master Arthur Hull. He has facilitated drum circles for school districts, school teachers, home school communities, congregations, family camps, private parties and much more.

"Rhythm is the soul of life" -Baba Olatunji